We Got the Tools

We utilize state of the art technologies in our offices, such as sophisticated HOA management software; automatic banking and check scanning ability, huge resources to bodies of law and to construction, accounting, taxation, fire alarm systems, HOA management, etc., topics in the forms of books, manuals, magazines, and electronic subscriptions.


Perpetual Property Maintenance Functions

We are responsible for assuring that the common and exclusive use common areas and elements of the buildings, appurtenances and grounds, and the property improvements are maintained according to acceptable standards. This includes but not limited to structural condition, cleaning, painting, decorating, plumbing and electrical repair, carpentry, plastering, and other such normal housekeeping, maintenance, and repair work as may be necessary.

We yearly prepare a maintenance, repair, and capital improvements plan and submit it to the Board. The plan will be used to identify each item characterized as a perpetual property maintenance function.

Emergency Maintenance Management Functions

We maintain a 24-hour, 7-day-per-week emergency call program for vital support systems on the property. “Emergencies” are defined as fire, water leaks, sewage backup, electrical outage, persons trapped in elevators, and any other causes where immediate action is necessary to prevent personal injury or property damage.

Building Operations

We manage and monitor all integral operations of a townhome, HOA, or condo association facility with a daily impact on the owners and residents of the project.