Competitive Prices

Although we offer one of the best services in the HOA management industry, our competitive management fees are known to be below of what is expected from a company of our reputation and service quality.

OUR MANAGEMENT FEES ARE UNBEATABLE . . . . (without cutting corners).

We include lots of not only competitive but also free services in our management agreement for which other management companies charge (drafting operating rules and board resolutions, draw contracts and agreements, etc.).

WHY US – Option to pay assessment over time

Some HOA associations give their members the option to pay their share of a special assessment over time, rather than in one-lump sum. This practice can be especially helpful to members when the association is imposing a large special assessment. Before a homeowner association offers its members the option to pay their share of a special assessment over time, it should consult an attorney to find out whether the governing documents permit it.

In California, associations must pass a board resolution to impose a special assessment on its members. A resolution should include the amount of total assessment, tell members they can pay their share in a lump sum, and set a due date for such payments. It should also set a grace period for members who do not want to make a lump-sum payment, an interest rate these members must pay, and penalties these members will incur if they default.

WHY US – Announcing special assessment to members

Occasionally, a community association may have to impose a special assessment on its members. Sometimes, members may balk at paying a special assessment, especially if they are on a fixed income. One way to prevent such the problem is to send a carefully worded letter to members announcing the special assessment. A letter should cover the following points as a minimum: tell the members that the board is imposing a special assessment and explains why it is necessary; cite an example of an unbudgeted expense that the board paid without resorting to a special assessment; expresses the board’s regret for imposing the special assessment; explains payment options to making a lump-sum payment; warns member they can be fined for late payment or nonpayment; and tell member whom to contact with questions.

California law requires associations to hold a special meeting of the board or members before imposing a special assessment. Consult with your attorney to find out what your state’s law says. It is also advisable to show the letter to your attorney before adopting it for use at your HOA.