Why Us

WE HAVE THE TOOLS – We utilize state of the art technologies in our offices, such as sophisticated HOA management software; automatic banking and check scanning ability, huge resources to bodies of law and to construction, accounting, taxation, fire alarm systems, HOA management, etc., topics in the forms of books, manuals, magazines, and electronic subscriptions.

  1. Perpetual Property Maintenance Functions

We are responsible for assuring that the common and exclusive use common areas and elements of the buildings, appurtenances and grounds, and the property improvements are maintained according to acceptable standards. This includes but not limited to structural condition, cleaning, painting, decorating, plumbing and electrical repair, carpentry, plastering, and other such normal housekeeping, maintenance, and repair work as may be necessary.

We yearly prepare a maintenance, repair, and capital improvements plan and submit it to the Board. The plan will be used to identify each item characterized as a perpetual property maintenance function.

  1. Emergency Maintenance Management Functions

We maintain a 24-hour, 7-day-per-week emergency call program for vital support systems on the property. “Emergencies” are defined as fire, water leaks, sewage backup, electrical outage, persons trapped in elevators, and any other causes where immediate action is necessary to prevent personal injury or property damage.

  1. Building Operations

We manage and monitor all integral operations of a townhome, HOA, or condo association facility with a daily impact on the owners and residents of the project.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE – We stand behind our managerial and operational decisions and practices long after we have stopped managing an Association.

Our managers will be there for you not only to maintaining your property but also to adding value, saving money, and improving the efficiency of the operations of the property. The managers will be making recommendations concerning green initiatives, retrofitting, and investing in smart building technologies. J & N Realty, Inc.’s staff has a clear understanding of what it takes to manage a property from capital expenditures to utility conservation and to repair, maintenance, and supply costs. Our managers also engage in proactive preventive maintenance to extend the useful life of common elements, reduce inconvenience to residents, and to reduce expenses. Strategic planning provides a basis for evaluating performance and progress.

J & N Realty, Inc.’s core competencies encompass all of the following management skills and techniques:

  1. Responsive and responsible management
  2. Effective communication
  3. Ability to be and stay organized; to deal swiftly with change; to maintain professional detachment; to stay current with industry standards and practices; to admit mistakes and to correct them immediately

Our managers have access to information, resources, and statutes which affect the management and operations of homeowners and condominium association communities. The managers recognize problems, seize opportunities, and create solutions. They are detail oriented, organized, flexible, and follow up and follow through, with a passion to be a protector, planner, and provider, and, with an equal passion, to make a huge impact on the operations of common interest development properties. Our managers attend continuing education courses to gain the knowledge and skills required to keep up with new laws, regulations, management techniques, technology, and products.

CERTIFIED EXPERIENCE – All our managers are certified either by CACM or by CAI, or by both.  Many of our managers have achieved the prestigious PCAM designation, which is the highest designation granted to Community Association Managers, and hold a real estate broker or agent license and various other licenses or certifications (contractor licenses, tax preparer registrations, notary public and registered process server designations).

25 YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY – With our extensive experience, we are fully capable of serving the needs of even the most neglected and abused Association and can place them in a healthy and sound financial and operational condition expeditiously.

All too often, we receive phone calls and emails from disgruntled Board of Directors that have grown dissatisfied with the poor performance of their managing agents. Such Directors state that their managing agents fail to return their phone calls or answer their emails, or return them with long delays; and that the managers do not assist the Boards to meet the challenges of the operation and management of the Association.

The Directors also maintain that most management companies, especially the large ones, have become complacent to the extent that they display a definite lack of care of and attention to the affairs and welfare of the homeowners association projects they manage. Most Board Members concur that the level of customer service and professional commitment of most property management companies are pronouncedly below par, or, sometimes, almost nonexistent.

The art of managing association communities rests on common sense. However, consistently employing common sense in the myriad of emotional attitudes, egos, and agendas that usually surround the day-to-day operations and management of Associations requires much patience. Also, the level of expertise and the art of managing HOA properties are relatively low. Most managing agents acquired their experience by managing and overseeing rental properties, mainly apartment buildings, and not common interest developments. J & N Realty, Inc.’s managers have decades of experience, coupled with proper formal training, in common interest and planned development.

The impersonal and indifferent stance of some homeowners association, condominium, and townhouse managing agents toward the property they manage has created a wall of separation between the interest of the Association and that of the managing agent. Such an agent does not make an effort to further the interest of the Associations they manage; they are only concerned with increasing the bottom line of their income statements–even if such increase is made at the expense of the operating and management efficiency of the Associations such managers are supposed to guide and protect.

In their search for higher and higher profits, some management companies do not employ enough portfolio managers needed to provide sufficient service levels: The managers are overburdened by handling more Associations than they are able to properly manage–not enough personnel to take care of business. The overworked managers tend to leave the management company after only a few months of employment, creating a revolving door type of environment.

Board Members assert that most property management companies manage the community in a reactive, instead of in a proactive, manner. Managers fail to guide the Boards through the maze of codes and regulations and the relevant federal, state, and local laws and to aid the Board in avoiding potential operational and managerial errors committed daily by untrained and untutored volunteer Directors.

Members of Association communities have been reporting that the property management companies are inattentive and indifferent to the members’ complaints, concerns, and requests, and they offer low level of customer service.

Learning from the negative experiences to which Boards and members have been regularly exposed by their management firms, we decided many years ago to be strikingly different in our corporate philosophy and management style and approach to providing our services from most of the other property management companies.

Our managers treat their clients with loyalty, fidelity, and integrity in all aspects of their relationship with them and in all aspects of representing the clients to third parties. We only accept those engagements we can reasonably expect to perform with professional competence. Our competence is derived from education and experience (and errors and mistakes).

The managers of our firm exercise due diligence and professional care in the performance of their duties and render services promptly and carefully with observing all applicable and required technical and ethical standards.

J & N Realty, Inc. has sufficient qualified staff and administrative personnel and formal arrangements with necessary consultants to ensure the capable handling of the interests of our clients.

COMPETITIVE PRICES – Although we offer one of the best services in the HOA-management industry, our management fees are known to be below of what is expected from a company of our reputation and service quality.

OUR MANAGEMENT FEES ARE UNBEATABLE . . . . (without cutting corners).

We include lots of free services in our management agreement for which other management companies charge (drafiting operating rules and board resolutions, draw contracts and agreements, etc.).

GREAT SUPPORT – Our proactive management style and meticulous attention to detail enable us to provide a high level of managerial and operational support for Board of Directors and to aid them to carry out their fiduciary duties they owe to their Associations.

In California’s Davis-Stirling Act and the Business and Professions Code, there are required disclosures pertaining to common interest development managers. A Common Interest Development Manager is an individual who, for compensation, or the expectation of compensation, provides or contracts to provide management or financial services, or represents himself or herself to act in the capacity of providing management or financial service to a community association.