Planned Unit Development

• Carpentry and Construction
• Carpet Cleaning
• Drywall and Stucco Repair
• Electrical and Lighting
• Graffiti Removal
• Heating, Air Conditioning and HVAC
• Interior and Exterior Painting
• Mold and Asbestos Removal
• Plumbing Replacement and Repairs
• Remodeling and Renovations
• Roofing Construction
• Soundproofing and Insulation
• Water Heater Repair
• Waterproofing and Weatherproofing
• Window and Door Repair

We make an effort not to accept management assignments unless we have an adequate number of trained and certified managers to successfully carry out our required development duties.

24/7 response is also provided for common area-related emergencies.

We will give you valuable guidance and assistance regarding the laws and regulations pertaining to common interest developments with the ability to interpret such laws and regulations, and to lawfully, ethically, and effectively operate and manage the Association.  You will get from us all the help you need to successfully meet the challenges of the management and operations of your Association.

We provide the Board of Directors with unlimited phone consultation on any Association matter. We also annually organize a free legal, insurance, and finance seminar for our Board of Directors with leading HOA attorneys, insurance brokers, and banking experts as speakers.

Clearly defined tasks and responsibilities will contribute to the overall successful management of the Association.  It is important to evaluate results and not procedures.  A proposed contract with a management company that cannot meet the needs of the community and its future growth will most likely not meet the requirements of Civil Code § 5200 et seq.  Such a contract may jeopardize the fiscal health of both the community and the individual unit owners and may create potential personal liability for the Board of Directors.

Our relationship with your Association is that of Principal and Agent.  As such, our principal job is to further the interest of your Association, to implement the directives of the Board of Directors, to guide and assist the Board of Directors in discharging its duties as the governing body of the Association, and to execute the day-to-day operational activities thereof.  As your managing Agent, we serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors and have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of your Association & Development.

Our managers will be there for you when you need them. Not just by maintaining your physical property but also by adding value to the development, saving money, and improving the efficiency of the operations of the property.

We commence our managing effort with a thorough examination and review of your governing documents—CC&Rs, Bylaws, Operating Rules (Rules & Regulations) and Policies (Board Resolutions).  We will advise the Board if an update or amendment to such documents is warranted.  If the Association lacks the required or necessary policies or other documents, we are qualified to formulate or to help the Board in the formulation of such policies at a very reasonable cost.  Next, we examine the insurance policies of the Association.  We will also inform the Board if the Association is underinsured or if essential coverage is missing.  The financial health of the Association is then evaluated.  The financial statements will be reviewed for accounting accuracy, and collection proceeding on delinquent accounts, if any, will be initiated.  The entire operations and management practices of the Association will be scrutinized to identify operational and functional inefficiencies and ineffectiveness; to pinpoint activities and practices that may lead to lawsuits against the Association or the Board of Directors; and to unearth any other matter that needs correction.

By entrusting us with the management and care of your development and property, you can be certain that we will spend all the time, energy, effort, and expertise on managing your Association as it requires.  While some management companies promise you $1.50s worth of services for every dollar of the management fee, they usually deliver only 80 cents’ worth of that promise (if you are lucky enough).  J & N Realty, Inc.’s deeply rooted and time-tested corporate philosophy will guarantee you at least one dollar’s worth of management services for each of your hard earned dollar you spend for the management of your greatest and most precious assets—your home.

What separates us from most other management companies are our outstanding customer service; proactive and hands-on management style; personal and immediate attention to problems; unsurpassed knowledge of the community association management industry; and our prompt and accurate guidance and assistance provided to the Board of Directors.

J & N Realty, Inc. has local property managers working out of local branch or home offices in major areas of the Los Angeles County.  A property manager located near the property will manage your Association.

We traditionally include many free services for which most other management companies would charge (amending governing documents, operations, drafting rules and regulations and Board resolutions, etc.).