Homeowners Association Services

A Homeowners’ Association, through their Board of Directors and with the help and assistance of their Managing Agents, guide, direct, and operate the community. Without it, the community would be sailing rudderless.

Our Full-Service Homeowners’ Association Management Program includes all the following services and activities:

  • FISCAL BILLING & COLLECTION ACTIVITIES – Collection and Deposit of Assessments
  • FINANCIAL SERVICES – Fiscal Billing and Collection Activities, Payment of Invoices, Preparation of Comprehensive Financial Reports (balance sheets, income statements, receipts and disbursements journals, check registers, delinquency reports, delinquency follow-up reports, operating statements, trial balances, members’ ledgers, current membership listings, etc.), and Fiscal Compliance to California Civil & Corporations Code
  • ADMINISTRATIVE & COMPLIANCE PROGRAM – Compliance to Regulations and California Civil & Corporations Codes, and Administrative Duties (record keeping and correspondence for and within the Association and other administrative duties; paper documentation as required by law for compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and requirements; day-to-day communication and problem solving with unit owners on common area issues; preparation of budget; communication with contractors and other vendors performing services for the Association; monthly attendance of the meeting of Board of Directors (if applicable); attendance of the annual membership meeting, if requested; 24/7/365 assistance in genuine emergencies; monthly inspection of the property (walk-through); enforcement of the governing documents; collection of delinquent assessments and fines; and any other managerial, administrative, and operational duties required for the successful management of the Association)

We will make certain that your Homeowners’ Association receives exceptional value for the money.

Our Service Quality & Industry Knowledge Are Unsurpassed!

Management fees and services may be negotiated and adjusted based upon your particular circumstances.