Gate, Fence and Pavement Repair Services

There is a variety of materials used to build fences that are appropriate for Southern California weather. J & N Realty will consider the structural and architectural design of your property, your requirements and most importantly your local municipal code to suggest you a choice of fencing. Even though in Southern California wrought iron fence/railing and wood fences are the most widely used material for building residential, industrial and commercial fences, we at J & N Realty also offer high quality chain link fences, ornamental & aluminum fences and gates. If you choose ornamental fencing our professional and creative staff will help you choose decorative pieces that will beautify your ornamental fence. If you chose a wood fence and you are also having a gate installed, rest assured that all of our wood gates are reinforced for safety and durability. To ensure the perfect end result every fence project done by our company is carefully measured, checked and then goes through quality control for a final check before being fitted and installed. Once installed, the project details are checked with the end user to ensure conformity with the original plans.

Self-Latching Gate Installation

In accordance with state and local pool codes, J & N Realty, also provides self-latching gates for barriers to keep children from entering the pool area. Magnetic gate latches have rapidly become the safety latch of choice. MagnaLatch®, magnetic pool safety gate latch is a lockable pool gate latch that meets all pool codes when properly installed. Give yourself peace of mind and protect your young ones with Magna Latch, magnetic gate latch.