Condominium Association

Our managers have decades of experience, coupled with proper formal training in homeowners association management.

We perform and discharge all the following duties:

  1. Administrative Assistance
  • Prepare and deliver notices as required by the Board of Directors or by the governing documents and develop participative communication practices within the Association and routine communications as required to efficiently manage the homeowners association or condominium property.
  • Advise the Board of Directors in the governing process and practices of the Association and develop good communications and high levels of participation by the homeowners and condominium association’s residents.
  • Exercise attentiveness to events occurring in the fields of taxes, law, construction, insurance, , as they specifically pertain to condominium projects, and inform the Board of Directors of such developments.
  • Recommend to the Board of Directors, as necessary, proposed changes to the governing documents to improve their effectiveness and the lifestyle of the condominium or homeowners association’s residents and their welfare.
  1. Meeting Attendance
  • Attend each regular meeting of the Board of Directors and the Membership and participate with the Board or Committees when and if required in the mutual need of the parties concerned and where the potential welfare of the Association is involved. Attending meetings is a means to coordinate the intents of the parties and assure that our managers are fully aware of the homeowners association ‘s needs and can implement the policies of the Board into the daily operations of the property.
  1. Technical Clarification & Assistance
  • Receive current and reliable technical or administrative advice from industry experts relative to the operation and maintenance of the homeowners association; however, before implementation, we must receive approval from the Board of Directors and appropriate
  • Have the knowledge and expertise to advise Boards regarding practically every aspect of the operation and management of the condominium property.
  1. Monthly Manager Report
  • Prepare Monthly Management Reports. Copies of the Condo Management Reports will be furnished to the members of the Board not less than four business days preceding each regularly scheduled Board meeting to provide sufficient time for review of its contents.

The Monthly Management Reports are prepared in such a form as to be easy to comprehend and are structured to identify efforts and costs expended for the operation and management of the condominium property association, accompanied with problems and actions required for the following month(s).

At a minimum, our Condominium Management Reports, when pertinent, contains the following:

  1. Accomplishments of contractors and vendors
  2. Summary of work performed
  3. Inspection of property report
  4. Problems areas
  5. Recommended additional or corrective actions
  6. Monthly income and expense reports and balance sheet
  7. Delinquency report
  8. Violations or alleged violation of the Association’s governing documents
  9. Major security and safety incidents

The Monthly Management Report is a measurement of J & N Realty, Inc.’s effectivity and efficiency in the management of the condominium association. The items to be included in the Report will be determined by the characteristics of the particular condominium complex.

  1. Legal Issues
  • We do not engage in the unlicensed practice of law. However, we are qualified to render business judgments on operating and management issues of an association. Our managers will advise Board of Directors when the manager believes that legal counsel should be retained and will assist the Board in retaining qualified counsel.
  • We recommend that a legal review, where appropriate, by an attorney knowledgeable in property, condominium, and homeowners association law, be considered for all legal issues, including but not limited to, major contracts, rules enforcement procedures, association rules, and governing documents.
  • We advise that written rules be established and published to the membership and that the publication and implementation of a consistent enforcement policy based on Federal, State and local statutes, the property’s CC&Rs, and the association’s articles of incorporation and Bylaws. Our managers make all reasonable effort to assure that the adopted policies fully comply with these documents.