“Our HOA has been managed by J&N Realty for exactly two years now. They replaced an inept company that had permitted unpaid HOA dues to accumulate, the HOA appearance to deteriorate and had completely bungled a routine Board election. In the two years that J&N has managed our property all previously outstanding accounts have become fully paid, and any developing deliquencies are being closely monitored and acted on early. With J&N’s assistance we have been able to get the general appearance of our HOA vastly improved.

J&N’s management fees are reasonable. We have not seen spurious, unexpained or unauthorized charges on our monthly financial accounts. Emails from the board and the homeowners receive prompt responses and the board is generally kept closely informed of all developments. Ours is a problem-free low HOA fees association, and J&N has helped us keep our expenses low while still getting everything done. Impressively, recently Julius helped us through a smooth and flawless Board election with noncontroversial results.

J&N is a well managed company with close involvement from the owner (Julius Nagy). We are happy to have found this company at the critical point two years ago when we desperately felt the need to change our management company.”Ishita E.

“We hired J&N to bring some stability to our HOA and to manage our finances and the collection of condo assessments. They have done an excellent job advising us in the correct election of board members. They have also made our HOA run efficiently by facilitating our relationships with contractors as well as individual homeowners. Julius himself is always available for advice or to attend important board meetings. I have found his knowledge invaluable in guiding our HOA board.”Ye Y.

“I didn’t want a management company.  We’re a small building and I thought it was simply going to add another layer of bureaucracy. Plus when Julius made his presentation, he came on pretty strong about how effective he was in terms of collecting delinquencies. At the time I thought, we don’t need that.  How wrong I was.

First, Julius is very knowledgeable about so many aspects of how an HOA should function, what the board’s responsibilities are, how to interpret the CCRs. He’s provided guidance and support. He has a list of vendors that we’ve used with good result. He’s responsive: either he, personally, or someone from the office will respond to an email, sometimes within minutes of sending, even on weekends. The staff pays bills promptly. JN Realty got us on a lockbox system of paying the HOA monthly dues and this electronic system has been easy to work and has made collecting smoother.

Second, let’s get to that delinquency issue. He is tough and firm when necessary, and he will get the money owed.

So I have gone from being a doubter to a real fan. I would recommend him highly to any HOA looking for a management company to help them out.” Ian W

“Choosing a management company proved to be a daunting task. Unfortunately, we chose an awful management company who was awful to say the least. So we were back to the drawing board and did a great deal of research to find a new one. We narrowed our search to three and interviewed each of the new prospective companies. From first impressions, Julius seemed very knowledgeable and he had a no ‘BS’ type of personality. We loved him! So we decided to sign on and from the day we did, Julius and his team has been working on cleaning up all the things our previous management company left in disarray. I’ll never ever work with ‘hoa management professionals’ again but I am glad to have found Julius and his team. They are responsive, helpful and very savvy. I would highly recommend them to anyone in search for a management company.”Ellie M.

My experiences with J&N have been beyond excellent. As an owner of multiple condominiums in several locations throughout the United States, I have found them to be nothing but a true treasure. I have been Board President of each of my HOA’s and when I took on the challenge of taking on the Los Angeles HOA which was in years of chaos and turmoil and I was abruptly forced to hire a new management company, I felt thankful and blessed that I stumbled upon J&N Management.

The extreme challenges in the L.A. Complex, stemmed from years of abuses to multiple Boards, Board Members, and members of the HOA Community. Quite honestly if a screenwriter were to look at the history of this particular building and the chaos and damage caused over the years to the HOA, they would have an Award Winning Mini Series on their hands.

Sadly, in this large 101 Unit Condominium Complex a single owner has been able to cost the HOA in excess of 300K, probably more like 500K in wasted and very valuable resources in litigation alone. Multiple restraining orders placed upon him and four others in his posse and vice versa, restraining orders placed on vendors, multiple Board Members, individual owners and Property Managers have been placed by these troubled individuals.

In a matter of a few years (two), these individuals were the cause of a minimum of at least five or six management companies being at the complex. The HOA itself had a reputation and no management company would touch us. When I reached out to Julius and J&N, I needed a new management company because the one we currently had, had just had a temporary restraining order placed against him (which was fought and denied by the courts. However, the property manager filed one back because he had been threatened and he won his restraining order against this horrid troublemaker of an individual). Due to the risk involved, the property manager at that time felt that he needed to increase our fees (totally justified) by 50% in case he needed to defend himself in the future but we simply could not afford it, so the hunt for a new property manager began.

I reached out to numerous companies, I was forthright and honest about the goings on at the complex and I straight up told them they would be nuts for even considering taking it on. I was turned down on multiple occasions and had some willing to take on the challenge but I knew they were biting off more than they could chew.

Then I stumbled upon Julius, I knew immediately that if anyone could handle it, he could. So I asked for a bid, he verbally quoted me a price which was far below what we had been paying over the years. I told him I would feel guilty if we didn’t pay him more and we actually fought a bit about how much more he needed to be paid.

Since contracting with Julius, we have also placed the building into Court Ordered Receivership due to all of the numerous petty lawsuits and issues created by these troublesome individuals. The Receiver and Julius work extremely well together and having a management company stay on, while under a Receivership saves the HOA a tremendous amount of valuable resources.

On a rate of 10 out of 10 Stars, J&N, Julius and his staff get a 150. They know what they are doing, are attentive and readily available. If vendors are needed, they have a plethora of capable ones that are ready at any time of day or night.

If you are considering them, you will be in good hands.”Bob T.

“I have lived in my townhouse for over eighteen years.  Until we partnered with J & N Realty, our experiences were like a bad dream.  We hooked up with the worst management companies in Los Angeles which also hired the most insulting people ever.  They would NEVER follow through with anything and never return calls.  Jules and his staff are professional, great at what they do and ALWAYS have the best people to do work needed around our building.  We are so lucky to have finally found our perfect fit.  Thank you all for taking such good care of your Valley Village folks.”Sandy B.

“I was referred to this management company by a friend since we had a handful of very unpleasant experiences with some other larger property management company. These people are very knowledgeable, professional and always on top of their game. The owner “Julius” himself is truly a gem. He is always there for you when you need his assistant and opinion on any matter and tries his best to resolve any issues with the best possible outcome. I highly recommend J&N Realty for anyone who is looking for a responsible and knowledgeable company when it comes to HOA affairs and property management.”Silver D.

“This is an amazing accommodating management Company… thank you sooooo much!!!!! I’m so glad you work for our HOA you have impressed me with your willingness to help…..”Shari W.





“I’ve been the President of my HOA for many years and we’ve had several management companies and they were either very bad or just so so.  Julius and his staff are amazing.  Quick to respond at all times.  Issues are always resolved in a timely manner.  Julius is very knowledgeable with regard to the functions of an HOA and I can always count on him to guide our board and make sure that things are done correctly.

The vendors he uses are top notch – bills are paid promptly and delinquencies are dealt with promptly.

The staff are also courteous  and a pleasure to deal with.  I highly recommend Julius and J & N Realty.  In my opinion, you can’t do any better.”Alex K.

“I’m adding my voice to dozens of other happy, lucky Yelpers to share how much I appreciate and depend on J&N Realty’s property management of our small HOA.

Julius and his team, Thomas and Bernadette, are on top of everything. We came to them after interviewing and meeting several property management companies. Julius’ knowledge and guidance with some of our pressing issues quickly sold us on hiring them. I cannot speak more highly of them.

Julius has a wonderful and colorful way with words. He tells you how he sees it. No BS. He loves his work. His advice and knowledge has been amazingly helpful in getting us through numerous issues, including negotiating the complicated ins and outs of our building defects. He will promptly answer and address any question or concern. Just be sure to keep it short and to the point!

As a board member for my HOA the last 9 years, my only regret was not discovering J&N a lot sooner. I can only imagine how much smoother things would be running if we had them around from the beginning.

If you’re looking for a top notch property manager give Julius a call. You should be hooked in 5 minutes.”Jason K.

kati-k“J&N Realty, Inc. has been managing the property at which I own my condo for years and I am very pleased with their prompt response to my inquiries and concerns.  I recently had a leak in my unit and of course, I wanted it resolved as quickly as possible to avoid further damage.  I sent them an email letting them know and they took care of it in a timely manner with a sense of urgency.  They get to the point, and they get things done.  They are the best management company that I have dealt with!”Kati K.




“This management company stands well about the rest. These fine people rearranged the torn-up landscape of your condominium in no time. Many owners did not trust our then board and management company and tried to sabotage everything they wanted to do.  Of course, nobody wanted to serve on the board either; everybody wanted to complain only.
Finally, and after exerting great effort, we got a new board in place, and the new board hired Julius’s company.  Although he had a hard time to collect the HOA files from the current management company, he started our management smoothly.After a few months and a few open meetings, the owners began liking the new management, because it made many improvements to our property: fixing gates and doors, painting fences and railings, fix side walk elevation problems, and such.

Now owners can see that neither the board nor the management is idle and is willing to make great improvements in the project.  The only thing a few owners don’t like if the fact that Julius immediately and aggressively began collecting all delinquent accounts, which the delinquent owners did not like, of course. (The previous management failed to collect large sums of assessments from owners.)
We could not have done all that without the help and assistance of Julius and his people.  It needs to be mentioned that Julius understands this business like very few others.  In the past, our manager had to look up laws and get advice from other professionals; not in this case; Julius seems to know it all – amazing.

Anyway, if your association is in trouble, give Julius a call.”Michelle L.

“J & N Realty has been managing our HOA for the past 6 years and they have done an outstanding job.  They are very responsive, easy to work with and able to handle any issue.  I would recommend them to any HOA.  I have been on Wilson Estates HOA Board for the last several years and they have been great to work with.”Gary D.

“Finally a management company that will take care of what needs to be done without following up on because most companies are all talk and no action.  Always friendly and professional on the phone and they respond promptly. I know my property is in great hands. My old management company would take sometimes 48 hours to respond to me. Therefore, switching to J & N Realty was ideal and I highly recommend.”Brian L.



“We had a bad experience with our previous HOA company which was over charging us like crazy.  I recently become the HOA president and brought in J&N Realty as i dealt with them in the past on another property i own in which they came in and cleaned up the last HOAs mess as well.  Long story short J&N is great. If you want an honest, dependable property manager to manage your building look no further.  They are responsive and take care of all your requests. I guarantee you will be satisfied with them once you give them a try.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!”Ram Z.

“J & N Realty is an HOA’s dream come true.  Julius is an amazing resource to have on your side.  He and his staff understand the concerns of HOA’s from all perspectives, have expert insight into the law and are quick to respond to associations/ owners/tenants concerns with thoughtful efficiency.  It is exceedingly rare to find all of this in a property management company.  I was lucky to find J & N and highly recommend them to anyone in need of property management services.  Needless to say, I am exceedingly grateful for their dedication, quality of work, leadership and professionalism.  Many thanks J & N!”  –Sandy J.

“As an HOA board member, I have been very pleased with the services that J & N Realty provide. They are professional, timely and communicate efficiently. We are glad that we switched to J & N Realty!” Ruth S.







“I am the HOA President of a 42 unit condo building in Los Angeles.  J&N Reality Inc. is our Management  Company.  Some of the most important functions of a Management Company is to offer advice, give direction, answer questions (quickly), and be reliable.  J&N does all of this extremely well.

No one likes to be ignored and this just doesn’t happen with this company.  Emails are answered within minutes and certainly within the working hours of the office and sometimes beyond those official hours. You can always reach someone on the phone. The team there is 5*.  Their follow thru is second to none.

If you are in need of a Management Company, for your property, give Julius, the owner, a call.  I think you will be impressed with his knowledge.”Emerson G.

“I am the President of my 27 unit HOA in Panorama City and we have been working with J +N Realty HOA Management for the past 3 years.  Julius is very knowledgeable on the latest laws and news.  He offers sound advice for all issues involved with the HOA.

Since J +N Realty Management took over I am able to focus on other important things.  They are very prompt when an emergency comes up.  They have lots of contractors at their disposal.  They make sure the property stays efficient and clean.

I definitely recommend J+N Realty if you are looking for a HOA Management company.”Leo M.

“I’m a member of a small HOA that has had mixed results with other management firms over decades.  But we finally found and have remained with J&N now for several years.

Julius and his team at J&N seem like that Goldilocks firm that is just right.  First, they effectively re-organized the necessary business records of, in our case, an HOA.  They manage our filings and business contacts.  J&N responds promptly to our requests and helps coordinate any onsite service calls our property requires – this saves one of us having to write personal checks for things like plumber calls.  And importantly, when there is a question regarding members rights or necessary professional advice that can help guide our boards decisions, Julius has been helpful in providing that.  His knowledge and assistance is a big plus in selecting his firm.

Finally but importantly, I think J&N works efficiently and thus have lower charges  – their billings for services are very fair – and our HOA is saving money from previous managements!

We recommend J&N and wish we had found them earlier!  We give them an extra star!”Gerald S.

“After a terrible experience with another HOA we contacted J&N Realty in hopes of getting our HOA affairs in order. As the president of the HOA I knew I needed a management company that was responsive, informed and efficient.  J&N Realty met my expectations and then some. Working with Julius is simply hassle free. He is knowledgeable, responsible and very much involved in making sure our HOA is up to date with all the necessary paperwork, filings and budgets. Our previous management company dropped the ball on tax filing, repairs, maintenance and even misguided us in legal matters that ended up costing us valuable time and money. Julius has and is still working on remedying those issues all the while keeping a constant stream of communication and transparency. In addition, the staff responds to maintenance calls, and budgeting related questions almost instantly  and always provides top notch exceptional customer service. They are all friendly, courteous and very involved in assisting us in the best way possible.

It isn’t easy to hire a company and blindly put your trust in them hoping they would do right by your association but with J&N Realty the decision is simple.”Karen L.

“After being on our HOA board as a co-president for a few years, the next team hired a management company. Sad to say that it was a terrible experience for everybody, and mostly for the homeowners and the board members. As a professional I realized that this was not going to get better any sooner if we don’t take action. We had hired a new management company , and what a big difference it makes!!!
OMG, I cannot believe that the emails are addressed almost immediately, the contractors/vendors are schedule in as we asked. Julius conducts a professional business: in time, organized, polite with clients, extremely tolerable and knowledgeable. I strongly recommend his company if you are looking for a professional company, not a casual experience.”Dan D.

“Julius and his team are truly pros. They handle many accounts but you would thing you are their only one client. They respond to your call very quickly, address your issues on a timely manner and follow up with you very diligently.  They are quick, professional, very knowledgeable, handle situations very well, pleasant to work with and very reliable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Property Management Company.  There are many companies out there but it is hard to find one who will handle their business as this company does. I love to work with people who are on top of their game. Julius is. He runs a tight ship so you can expect a professional team on your side. Highly recommend them.”Andrea V.


“Best property management company I’ve ever dealt with! Professional and with exceptional customer service. They respond timely and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Julius and their team if you’re looking for trust-worthy and high quality service! Thank you for an incredible and pain-free experience, it is always a pleasure.”Edwin P.

“Having dealt with numerous management companies it is a quite a relief to have landed on J& N realty and begin a wonderful relationship with them. I waited a while to write this review just to be sure and to test out their customer service, their knowledge and efficiency. I must say that after about a year working with Julius I was not disappointed. He seems to be the most level headed professional person in this industry. Not only does he know the laws of managing an HOA but he and his team is right on top of all issues presented. He has helped bring our HOA (which was totally destroyed by mismanagement from another company, The Management Emporium- they are the worse) up to date, he has advised us regarding many long overdue outstanding issues. It is always a bonus that he is always pleasant and full of great information. Calls are returned almost immediately and all emails are answered. This is one company that knows how to MANAGE and should be the first one to consider when looking for a property management company.”Signature I

“If you are looking for a Great, Trustful, Knowable of todays new laws Management Company, don’t look any longer, Julius and his team of professionals is all what you need, they are very capable to help you run your HOA as smooth and painless as you have never seen, they are always available and very easy to reach.”Martin R.

“J & N Realty, Inc is quite possibly one of the best Property Management companies I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Julius is very knowledgeable with property laws, and he seems to have rolodex full of great referrals for anything you can imagine.   Julius’ team is always available to me, even for the smallest questions, and responds with a smile every time.   They are personable and friendly, efficient and trustworthy, and overall just a pleasure to work with.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for a property management company.” Jenn M.


“J & N Realty, Inc. is a shining example of how a business should operate.  Exemplary customer service is their standard, and not the exception. Phone messages and emails are not put on the back burner to be ignored, as is the norm all too often with similar companies. Instead, Julius, personally makes sure that any issues are resolved as soon as possible. A testament to his professionalism and commitment to serving his clients.”Dori D.

“J&N Realty have been helpful from the moment I bought my condo in Canoga Park, over two years ago. No matter what the issues are, they have supported me. If they did not have the answered, they directed to where I could find it. When I served on the board, they were very helpful with county, city, state of federal law guidelines. What I like more than anything else about J&N Realty, if they don’t have than answer, they will be honest in saying that until they can get the answer for you.” Carl T. 





“After having an HOA company for 8 years with very poor follow up the last two years, we moved to J&N Realty and have been getting spectacular service, with attention to detail in finding a resolution.  Julius has great contacts for different types of repair and they are able to get good service at a good price from their vendors.   Hollywood Gate Homes is very happy with J&N Realty!”  Bard B.

“When I first joined the HOA in our condo complex several years ago, we had a HORRIBLE management company that did absolutely nothing and took our $ every month.  A professional colleague of mine recommended J & N and we hired them immediately (at a much lower rate I must add).  I cannot say how happy we are with Julius and team – they are extremely quick to reply, efficient and knowledgeable about HOA laws.  I cannot recommend J & N enough.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you should have any questions.” Dimiter N.

“J&N Realty has been a consistent and reliable trusted agent for the past five years helping my 12-unit condominium navigate through a myriad of tough issues for which JN Realty’s expertise proved to be quite indispensable.  Having the counsel of Mr. Nagy (the managing agent) at our disposal relieved the stress in the job and was akin to having an “approved solution” or “answer key” in my hip pocket when it was needed most.  The company also does a great job helping the Board of Directors set up business rhythms for the day-to-day operations of the property. Budget, maintenance, correspondence with vendors and homeowners, etc. — all are covered as basic benefits under their management contract.  And best of all, the cost of services significantly undercuts the competitors.  No one comes close to being as affordable as J&N Realty.”Tom C.

“I am the president of The Deauville association in Glendale, CA, which consists of 24 units. We are with J&N Realty, Inc. since 2008, and we are really, really happy with everything they do for us. I can’t even compare the previous management company (Baldwin) to J&N as it will be inappropriate, like to compare apples to nothing. With previous company we did not have any reserves and our HOA dues were increased from $250 to $390 just in six years !!!, not to mention that they were charging the HOA 1.5 times more than J&N. Now, seven years past,  we have a reserve of almost $300,000 and the building is painted completely, pool is renovated, boilers are replaced and the yard is redesigned and waterproofed. J&N is always on top of the things and is always AVAILABLE !!! I have recommended J&N to numerous other HOAs and I am sure they’ve been grateful. Julius is one of the few people that I will recommend to everyone without a fear of being ashamed.”Ruben M.

“I normally don’t leave reviews, but I have to disagree with the previous one.  We have been dealing with J & N Realty for years and they have always been professional.  I know there is a lot of property management companies out there, but they really work hard at what they do!  And that’s the complete and honest truth.”Larry B.